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History From Home PostScript: Historical Context for George Floyd

Several students have emailed me asking for help, information, and clarity on what is happening in our country right now. Here is a quick primer on talking points to help understand and bring context to the current situation. I hope… Continue Reading →

History From Home Day 41: Time To Say Goodbye

Hey everyone, happy Tuesday and end of the school year: One of the best and worst parts of being a teacher is having new students every year: I get the opportunity to meet fantastic new people but also know that… Continue Reading →

History From Home Day 40: Our Museum of American History

Happy Monday everyone: We are rapidly nearing the end of our time together and it’s bittersweet. This week, I wanted to travel down memory lane. Come with me and travel through an online museum with my favorite lectures and lessons… Continue Reading →

History From Home Day 39: The Final Solution

Happy Friday everyone: Today we wrap up our examination of WWII and the Nazi Regime with the Final Solution. Like History From Home Day 38, this lesson is intense so feel free to bounce out at any point. That said,… Continue Reading →

History From Home Day 38: The Origin of Ghetto

Happy Wednesday everyone: Quick warning, today and tomorrow’s lessons are rough. Like mess up your day/life rough so feel free to skip them if they start feeling too heavy. Totally understandable. When the Nazis began their Third Escalation in January… Continue Reading →

History From Home Day 37: Political Prisoners & Punishments

Happy Tuesday everyone: As history lays out, the endgame of the Nazi Party was world control and genocide of the Jewish people. However the German Jewish population were not the first placed in Nazi concentration camps. (early prisoners arriving at… Continue Reading →

History From Home Day 36: Nazi Boycotts & Book Burnings

Happy Monday everyone: This week we will be examining the dark road that led to the Holocaust. Genocide (the mass murder of a race/ethnicity) doesn’t happen overnight. Hitler and the Nazis slowly prepared the German people to view the Jewish… Continue Reading →

History From Home Day 35: Hitler’s Department of the Supernatural

Happy Friday everyone, we made it! To end our week examining Nazi beliefs and culture in World War II, we are diving into the most supernatural department of the Nazi government, the Ancestral Heritage Research and Teaching Organization also known… Continue Reading →

History From Home Day 34: The Nazi Hunt for Atlantis

Happy Thursday everyone, it’s almost the end of the week, let’s take a look at a magical underwater city: In the 1930’s and 40’s, Nazis were spreading propaganda that brainwashed citizens into belief in genetic superiority, meaning that one type… Continue Reading →

History From Home Day 33: Rise of the Eugenics Movement

Happy Wednesday everyone: Yesterday we saw the textbooks and materials that Nazi Germany was providing to their students. Based on what we viewed, the Nazis were building an argument that there are types of people who are ‘better’ than others…. Continue Reading →

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