Early History of the United States

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Goodbye for Now: A Letter From Your Teacher

Hey guys: One of the best and worst parts of being a teacher is having new students every year: I get the opportunity to meet fantastic new people but also know that there will be a definite end to our… Continue Reading →

Fourth Quarter Final Project: Early History of the United States

Essential Question Explain the early history of the United States through an interactive digital museum. Assignment As we conclude this year together and reflect back on everything we have discovered together, you have the opportunity to showcase your expertise on… Continue Reading →

Q4W7 Essential Explanation: Early 1900’s Spiritualist Movement

Essential Question Discover how Houdini destroyed the American Spiritualist Movement. Assignment After the American Civil War, America found itself grieving the loss of so many lives as the economy raced towards industry and invention. This led to the inclusion of… Continue Reading →

Internet Exploration: Magic of the Industrial Era

Essential Question Discover how Houdini destroyed the American Spiritualist Movement. Assignment Following the American Civil War, America was ready to believe in spirits and magic in a major way, as many American families were grieving the loss of a close… Continue Reading →

Q4W6 Essential Explanation: World’s Fair of 1893

Essential Question Examine the impact of the 1893 Columbian Exposition World’s Fair. Assignment Beautiful, inventive, transformative, and shocking, the World’s Fair of 1893 forever changed the American technological landscape as inventors from around the world flocked to Chicago to showcase… Continue Reading →

Spring Break: World’s Hardest Game

SPRING BREAK! Try your hand at this game if all other work is finished and have a wonderful Spring Break! World’s Hardest Game

Internet Exploration: Modern Child Labor

Essential Question Discover how the Butterfly Effect changed Industrial America. Assignment Today’s first assignment is to complete the school’s LCAP Survey located here: PBVUSD LCAP Survey When you have completed the survey, use the following website to research modern child… Continue Reading →

Internet Exploration: Hate Groups of the United States

Essential Question Explain the creation of the Ku Klux Klan and its effect on America. Assignment The end of the Civil War marked the conclusion of American slavery but sparked movements dedicated to perpetuating racism and segregation in the South. America… Continue Reading →

Q4W3 Essential Explanation: The Glory of the 54th

Essential Question Examine the experience of the 54th Regiment of Massachusetts. Assignment The 54th Regiment of Massachusetts proved their bravery repeatedly through their service during the Civil War, fighting for to define the moral backbone and character of the entire… Continue Reading →

Q4W2 Essential Explanation: Medical Treatments of the Civil War

Essential Question Discover the major causes of death in the American Civil War. Assignment The American Civil War is known for its overwhelming amount of bloodshed, disease, and malpractice of medicine causing historically large numbers of death and destruction. This… Continue Reading →

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