Essential Question of the Quarter

Examine the struggle to survive in Colonial America, including the religious, cultural, and social aspects of colonial/Native American society in tandem with environmental survival factors.


As a foundling country, America was a land for the strong and determined, the rugged individual who could survive everything nature and man could throw. As we studied many aspects of this survival struggle, from the disappearance of Roanoke to the Witch Trials of Salem, danger loomed around every corner for those who tried to call North America home. Proving stronger than nature or culture could destroy, people survived and laid the groundwork for the country that would be America.

Drawing upon everything that you have learned this quarter, draft an essay that answers the Essential Question of the First Quarter, showcasing that you are an expert on the subject. Include references to all weekly Essential Questions studied below:

W2: Explain the harsh realities of survival in Colonial America. (Jamestown, Roanoke, Disease)

W3: Discover Native American culture before Colonial influence. (Tribes, Myths,  Pocahontas)

W4: Identify how the Columbian Exchange altered North American colonies. (Plants, Animals, Colonial Differences)

W5: Examine the religious beliefs and punishments of the Puritans. (Jonathan Edwards, Great Awakening, Puritan Laws)

W6: Determine how European legends influenced the Salem Witch Trials. (Salem Witch Trials, European Witch Hunts, Puritan Capital Punishment)


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Survival in Colonial America was extremely difficult for anyone trying to stay alive. For example, the fate of the first North American colony stands as evidence of how hard it truly was to survive. Roanoke was…