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November 2019

Fall Break Challenge: Rage Quit

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Compete today in our classroom competition to see who has the best moves and patience…get the farthest you can on the World’s Hardest Game. The World’s Hardest Game

Internet Exploration: Levels of American Crime

Essential Question Examine the rights of criminals in the American Justice System. Assignment The American Judicial system exists to protect the rights of all citizens guaranteed under the Constitution and Amendments. In fact, several amendments were created specifically to ensure… Continue Reading →

Q2W5 Essential Explanation: Due Process Dilemmas

Essential Question Identify the freedoms of Americans through the Bill of Rights. Assignment Due Process of the law is considered one of the most fundamental cornerstones of the Judicial system, enshrined in particular by the Fifth Amendment. Ensuring that a… Continue Reading →

Q2W4 Essential Explanation: Power of the American Supreme Court

Essential Question Debate the Supreme Court’s most controversial cases. Assignment Considered by some more powerful and lasting than the Presidency, the Supreme Court has long influenced American society with its rulings, decisions that affect the entire populace. With decisions that… Continue Reading →

Internet Exploration: Political Unrest in the United States

Essential Question Debate the Supreme Court’s most controversial cases. Assignment The Supreme Court’s decisions have long stood as a test of where America stands in its battles of morality and culture, for better or worse. Squarely in the worse column… Continue Reading →

Q2W3 Essential Explanation: Constitutional Powers of Government

Essential Question Discover the America the Founding Fathers wanted to create. Assignment Crafted to help shape a foundling country, the U.S. Constitution stands as a lasting testament to the intentions of the original Founding Fathers, the rebels who wanted a… Continue Reading →

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