Essential Question

Determine how Constitutional Amendments reflect shifts in American society.


The Eighteenth, Nineteenth, and Twenty First Amendments to the Constitution all concern essential elements of the early 1900s social and cultural movements. As examined this week, this hasn’t always resulted in the most fair of treatment or successful of implementation, though as history shows, America has continued to try to reach fair levels of gender equality while trying to determine what constitutes a dangerous drug. By discussing Prohibition and Suffrage in the United States, we can draw a better picture of how Constitutional Amendments are a reflection of their time period as much as a picture of modern America.

Today, you will be using the knowledge you acquired this week to create new items for Fortnite themed around the 18th (Prohibition), 19th (Gender Voting Rights), and 21st (Remove Prohibition) Amendments. Imagine its a new season of Fortnite based on 1900s Amendments. Using the Google Slides Template “Fortnite Supply Drop”, create new shop items with historical background explaining each of the amendments studied this week that would be fun to use for any video game player while also informing them about the Prohibition Era in America.

Important Key Terms 

Prohibition, speakeasy, alcohol, Thompson Submachine gun, Al Capone, trans-allegheny lunatic asylum, gender equality, 2122 Clark Street, Suffrage, Suffragette


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