Essential Question of the Quarter

Examine the crafting of the American political system, including the American Revolution, the founding documents, as well as current legal realities including social justice issues that have roots in early American history.


Resisting the imperial reach of the British Empire and ultimately forming their own country, the colonists we studied in the First Quarter who were struggling to survive managed to thrive as we found in our studies of the Second Quarter. America as a new country decided to pursue a great experiment; the endeavor of democracy. Starting with the influences of several philosophies, the country was crafted with one major intent: life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness for all its people. How that manifests is the subject of fervent debate that continues even today.

Drawing upon everything that you have learned this quarter, draft an essay that answers the Essential Question of the Second Quarter, showcasing that you are an expert on the subject. Include references to all weekly Essential Questions studied below:

W1: Unravel the hidden secrets of the American Revolution’s major players. (George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, King George the III)

W2: Learn the secret methods of the Revolutionary War Culper Spy Ring. (Anna Strong, Culper Spy Techniques,  Benedict Arnold)

W3: Discover the America the Founding Fathers wanted to create. (Constitution, Political Parties, Branches of the Military)

W4: Debate the Supreme Court’s most controversial cases. (Brown v. Board of Education, Dred Scott Decision, Plessy v. Ferguson)

W5: Identify the freedoms of Americans through the Bill of Rights. (Freedom of Speech, Due Process, Freedom of Religion)

W6: Examine the rights of criminals in the American Justice System. (Capital Punishment, Levels of Crime)


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The American Revolution marks the beginning of the United States as a force with which to be reckoned. The colonists unique fighting style during the war came from years of survival on the North American continent. George Washington used this to his advantage leading forces against the British by…