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Examine the psychology of America’s most infamous assassins.


The assassination of a country’s leader can cause chaos and upend the power structure that keeps a country running smoothly. The assassination of American presidents has always caused discord and tragedy, the avoidance of which inspired the creation of the Secret Service. Beginning with the ideas of George Washington’s Life Guard, an agency to protect the well-being of the president protects the safety of the country as well. Originally created to protect American currency, the Secret Service began protecting presidents after the assassination of McKinley.

Today’s Internet Exploration is the examination of that agency, the Secret Service, through a Scavenger Hunt. Copy/paste the following list in your own blog then answer the questions from sources on the internet to fully examine the American President’s Secret Service.

Scavenger Hunt

  1. Post a picture of the Secret Service Star.
  2. How many push-ups does a 27 year old Secret Service male need to complete in one minute to be Excellent?
  3. What liquid does the Secret Service always carry when traveling with the President?
  4. Where does the Secret Service send pizzas that the President orders?
  5. For training, Secret Service agents are shot with what?
  6. Post a picture of a Secret Service dog.
  7. How many chin-ups does a 20 year old Secret Service male need to complete to earn a Poor rating?
  8. What “Class” category of threat are people who have threatened the President in the past?
  9. How many minutes away must a hospital always be from where the President is located?
  10. How fast does a 35 year old Secret Service female need to run 1.5 miles to be Good?
  11. How many floors in a hotel will Secret Service empty out to keep the President safe?
  12. Post a picture of a President with obvious Secret Service agents.


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