Essential Question

Examine the psychology of America’s most infamous assassins.


Infamous historical events stand out as moments in history where the world caught its breath. Moments when a person may ask ‘do you remember where you were when…” The lasting impression of the assassination of an American president become immortalized in the category of ‘infamous’, the assassins known as someone disturbed who upset the world order. As examined this week, we learned that the psychology of these people falls outside the range of normal, with delusions of grandeur, antisocial personality disorder, and psychosis all playing a factor in their plans to harm the United States.

Today’s Essential Explanation is to take the research and knowledge you’ve acquired this week and create three photo collages using the website Kapwing that can explain an assassination or attempt on an American President without using any words. Each collage should have a minimum of six pictures each.


  1. Go to the website
  2. Click on Start with a Blank Canvas
  3. Search Images and arrange on your canvas
  4. Click Publish when finished.
  5. Right click/copy finished collage (it make take a minute to load) and paste into your blog.


  1. Correct Title
  2. Featured Image

Jump Start

John Wilkes Booth

Lee Harvey Oswald

Lynette Fromme

Sara Jane Moore

John Hinckley Jr.