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Uncover the dangers of nature and technology in Manifest Destiny.


As exampled by the Donner Party, survival in the Wild West may prove more difficult than some considered. Surprisingly, one of the most dangerous threats to survival didn’t involve weapons or attacks, but rather the vegetation and plant-life that dominated the landscape. With vitamins and minerals important to avoiding ‘thunderclaps’, finding fresh produce was essential to survival but the environment always fights back. Mimics, deadly imitations of edible plants, took down many a settler with their innocent appearance and lethal intent.

Today’s Internet Exploration is to find examples of other deadly aspects of nature that others may find surprising. Using the list below, compile a Top Ten Most Deadly list on your blog, including a picture, name, and short description (1-2 sentences) of each item in your list.

Top Ten Deadliest In The World 

  1. Mammal
  2. Insect
  3. Ocean Life
  4. Food
  5. Plant
  6. Disease
  7. Snake
  8. Spider
  9. Environment
  10. Element


  1. Correct Title
  2. Featured Image

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Try google searching “Deadliest ______ on earth”, placing whichever number you are currently on in the blank.