Prep your wagons, load your rifles, and gather your kinfolk, this class is headed out on the Oregon Trail! Hold onto your hats and glasses, this here is the wildest ride in the Wilderness.

To properly prepare for the trip ahead, use the following directions below to get your Oregon Trail Survival Guide ready.


Draw four family portraits, including yourself, of your wagon family. Include age and skills for each family member. Remember to choose one skill only for each member.

Skills available:

Sharp Shooter: expert at shooting guns and creating ammunition

Healer: talented with bandages, medicine, and healing

Spiritualist: experienced at speaking with Native Americans and sensing danger

Survivalist: many abilities to stay alive in the forest, including plant and animal knowledge

Cook: talented at turning wild animals/plants into healing items

Lunatic: wild card – unknown what abilities the lunatic has but holds a sense of danger.


Draw and color in feathers for each Native American tribe you may encounter while on the trail in addition to 3-4 words to help you remember facts about this tribe.

Miwok – half white/half black eagle feather

Crow – All black crow feathers

Apache – Multi-color feathers

Anasazi – All red feathers

Draw and color in examples of plant life along the Oregon Trail, including the mimics that will try to kill you along the trail. Use Google to find examples of what the plants/flowers look like.

Wild Onion – Death Camas

Apple Tree – Manchineel

Queen Anne Lace – Poison Hemlock

Oak Tree – Oleander Tree


Time to pack your wagon with enough supplies so that you make it through the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Using the shopping list in your Survival Guide, you can pack 2400 lbs total of supplies. Each item has to be bought in the same amount of lbs listed. For example, Soap comes in 50 lbs, so if you buy 2 Soap, you’ve bought 100 lbs of soap. Total your items purchased and make sure they all total 2400 lbs or less.

(Warning: you will not be able to buy and bring everything. Choose wisely!)

If you finish everything on your guide, use colored pencils to decorate the guide. When that is complete, you may read quietly or play school appropriate games on the Chromebooks.