Essential Question

Examine the cause and consequences of American slavery.


From the war based slavery of the Ancient Empires to the race based slave trading of the American ports, the enslavement of people stands as a crime against humanity. By examining the building institution of slavery in American society, we can examine where the seeds of many racist elements began.

This week’s assignment is to create a piece of pixel art that captures one of the elements of slavery studied this week that stood out the most to you and post it to your blog. Explain the historical significance of your art in one paragraph (5-7 sentences).


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Ancient Empire Slavery: Gladiators, Scythian Archers of Athens, Eye for an Eye, Harvesting of the Steppe

American Slavery: Cape Coast Castle, Zong Massacre, Middle Passage, Salting of Wounds, Thumbscrews, The Hanging, Cotton Screw, Tin Mask, Cat O Nine Tails