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March 2020

History From Home Day 13: Industrial Era Slang

It’s Tuesday, hope your’s is going great: We are looking this week at the Industrial Era in American history that boomed following the American Civil War. Yesterday, we examined child labor and the jobs available to young children such as… Continue Reading →

History From Home Day 12: Boot Blacks & Missing Fingers

Happy Monday everyone: See if you can determine what the following pictures have in common… If your answer is children most likely fired from their job because they lost a body part, you’re right. Following the American Civil War, government-approved… Continue Reading →

History From Home Day 11: Weekend Laugh Break

Hey everyone, happy weekend: Solid week of history behind us with a lot of heavy content. Time for a good laugh break. Here are three of my favorite videos I go to whenever I need a pickup. Blueberries Dragon Baby… Continue Reading →

History From Home Day 10: Nationwide Hate Group Map

Happy Friday everyone: We’re ending our week of examining the rise and terrorist influence of the KKK following the American Civil War by looking at an interactive map of all hate groups in the United States. The map, created and… Continue Reading →

History From Home Day 09: KKK Application Analysis

Happy Thursday everyone: We are ending our examination today of the hate group Ku Klux Klan by tackling document analysis. Below is a historic Ku Klux Klan application that was used to recruit members throughout the United States (Bakersfield included)…. Continue Reading →

History From Home Day 08: Voting Rights Literacy Test

Happy Wednesday everyone: Missing tests yet? I’ve got a heck of a test for you if that’s the case. This week we are looking at the racial politics and violence that followed the American Civil War, including the KKK and… Continue Reading →

History From Home Day 07: Freedom Summer Murders

Happy Tuesday everyone: Yesterday we looked at the influence of the early 1900’s film The Birth of a Nation on rising KKK membership across the country, including in our own hometown of Bakersfield. Today we’ll look at the violence of… Continue Reading →

History From Home Day 06: Rise of the Bakersfield KKK

Happy Monday everyone: The conclusion of the American Civil War, the victory of the Union Army, and the abolishment of slavery in the United States did unfortunately not end racism in America. On Christmas Eve, December 24th 1885, the Ku… Continue Reading →

History From Home Day 05: Sunday Funday

Happy Sunday everyone: No history for today, we’re still on the weekend. Instead, let’s embrace Sunday Funday with an online battle against the forces of evil. The tower defense game Kingdom Rush is a free strategic planning and defense game… Continue Reading →

History From Home Day 04: Study Music Suggestions

Happy Saturday everyone: No history on the weekend beyond a great music suggestion for studying, cleaning, or just chilling during the quarantine. If you’re missing the music I usually play in class while everyone is working, this channel is one… Continue Reading →

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