Happy Wednesday everyone:

What a great day for amputations and truly nasty bugs. It’s our first official day away so I thought it would be nice to start with something gross.

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We started this week in class discussing the diseases that caused the death of most soldiers during the Civil War (Typhoid, Scrofula, etc). Remember that 2/3rds of all deaths during the American Civil War were due to disease. Contributing to the high body count during the war was soldiers who developed gangrene, the death of human tissue in your leg or arm after a bullet destroyed the blood’s natural path from the heart. During the Civil War, the medical response was frequently to remove body parts with a hacksaw, though one old school technique that some doctors still use today to clear out dead flesh: maggots.

Watch this video 3 minute video, if you can handle it, to see how maggots can be used to clear away dead flesh from a living human being.

Comment below if you could handle having maggots clear away your dead flesh or if it is simply too gross for you to handle.

Check in again tomorrow and every day we are gone for a quick shot of our strange history. Take care everyone and stay safe.