Happy Sunday everyone:

No history for today, we’re still on the weekend. Instead, let’s embrace Sunday Funday with an online battle against the forces of evil.

The tower defense game Kingdom Rush is a free strategic planning and defense game that I’ve played for years. The game has a 10/10 score on Steam and is available free online at this address to play in your web browser: https://kingdomrush.com/play/

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The game centers on defending your castles and lands from invading forces while setting up strategic towers and armies to stop them from reaching your castle. The game is entirely free and a fun way to pass a few hours. Let me know in the comments below if you give it a shot and how far you manage to make it through the campaign. No need to brag but obviously…I’ve beaten the entire game.

Tech Note: the game runs on Flash which can be disabled on a lot of browsers. To enable flash, check your browser’s settings and permissions, which can be as simple as right clicking on the lock near the top of your web address.