Happy Wednesday everyone:

Missing tests yet? I’ve got a heck of a test for you if that’s the case. This week we are looking at the racial politics and violence that followed the American Civil War, including the KKK and the Freedom Summer. The Freedom Summer of 1964 was centered on voting in equal minded politicians and leaders; so some organizations and politicians in the South created ways to make it harder for black Americans to vote. One such method was the Literacy Test.

If you’re going to vote, you should be able to read as well as a 5th grader right? Below is an example of the Literacy Test given to black citizens attempting to vote. The test, so complicated and confusing it’s hard for anyone to answer many questions, is supposed to be completed in 10 minutes. Give it a try. Ask your guardians or siblings if they can read, then show them the test and see how they do. Hopefully you’ll realize once you start the test that the point was not to test for reading capabilities, but to stop black Americans from having a voice in government.

Comment below how far you got on the Literacy Test. Can anyone finish this thing?

Take care and stay safe everyone.