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History From Home Day 32: Student Textbooks of the Third Reich

Happy Tuesday everyone: Today we will be taking a look at educational materials that were distributed to students in Nazi Germany, written to convince them of the importance of Nazi goals. Some are very obviously filled with stereotypical racism, others… Continue Reading →

History From Home Day 31: May the Fourth Be With You

Happy Monday everyone and clearly, May the 4th Be With You: Appropriate to today’s Star Wars theme, we are going to look at the comparisons between the Nazi uniforms and the Empire in Star Wars. Both extremely bad guys in… Continue Reading →

History From Home Day 30: Gas Masks…For Kids!

It’s Friday everyone! Let’s jam into the weekend by bringing together all the ways America prepared children for world war that we studied this week with one of my favorite, weirdest creations of the Second World War: the Mickey Mouse… Continue Reading →

History From Home Day 29: Donald Duck Becomes a Nazi

Happy Thursday everyone, almost another week in the bag: Yesterday we looked at how Warner Brothers Looney Tunes contributed to American WWII propaganda efforts with cartoons, specifically crafted with racial stereotypes aimed at the Japanese. Today we’re examining the biggest… Continue Reading →

History From Home Day 28: Bugs Bunny Joins The War

Happy Wednesday everyone: Let’s continue looking at WWII artwork that was used as propaganda. As propaganda posters lined the walls of almost every city in the world as World War II moved into full swing, both sides (Axis and Allied)… Continue Reading →

History From Home Day 27: Allied Posters of WWII

Happy Tuesday everyone, let’s continue our introduction to propaganda of World War II. If you haven’t solved yesterday’s posters yet, the countries that they originated from were: Poster One – Japan, Poster Two – Italy, and Poster Three: Germany. Those… Continue Reading →

History From Home Day 26: Axis Posters of WWII

Happy Monday everyone: We’re starting a new time period that gets all historians excited to talk about: World War II. Today’s goal is very simple. As an introduction to the era, we are going to look at propaganda that plastered… Continue Reading →

History From Home Day 25: The Many Deaths of Rasputin

It’s Friday everyone, I’m jazzed for this weekend. I’m planning on playing Dead by Daylight and sleeping in. What’s everyone else up to? Yesterday, we looked at the Spiritualist-related influence of Rasputin. He used other’s belief in his ability to… Continue Reading →

History From Home Day 24: Fall of the Romanovs

Happy Thursday everyone: This week, we’ve been looking at the American Spiritualist Movement and its biggest critic, Harry Houdini. With Harry Houdini’s influence, Spiritualism and belief in the supernatural never fully took hold of the American public in ways that… Continue Reading →

History From Home Day 23: Imitating Magic’s Masters

Happy Wednesday everyone: Yesterday we studied Houdini’s legacy in the early 1900’s of attempting to prove mediums, ghosts, and Spiritualism as a scam. Today let’s take a quick look at magicians who tried to prove themselves better than Houdini and… Continue Reading →

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