Thanks for stopping by my teacher blog, Histories and Mysteries of the United States! This course is designed to introduce students to a wide range of American history events while keeping engagement high through the investigation of the unknown and mysterious elements that frame each event.

Here’s a little information about me that helps us get to know each other:

Name: Barry Hayes

Foods I Like:

garlic beef with vegetables stir fry (medium spicy), Basque food (I’m Basque), sushi (spicy tuna roll, crunch roll), pork potstickers, pork tamales with hot salsa, and sandwiches of all kinds.

Shows I’m Watching:

Tokyo Ghoul, Succession, Scary Game Squad, and Game of Thrones

Games I Play:

God of War, Silent Hill series, Resident Evil series, The Last of Us, Clash of Clans

Other Interests:

weightlifting, horror movies and books, traveling to foreign countries, learning sign language, legend tripping, and learning more about the world.